2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon Reviews, Prices, and Specs

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2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon – The outside can be a rough place-hot, cold, wet, dry, rocky, muddy, steep. But an outsider who is intelligent-or an out-of-home woman-knows that you do not have to suffer. They found a way to refine it instead of roughing it. And Honda FourTrax Rincon is one of the most smooth, smooth, and comfortable ATVs to fulfill what the missionaries offer. Honda Rincon stands at the top of our ATV ranks. It’s built around our biggest ATV machine, and it’s a class leader in terms of comfort, driving quality, and innovation as well.

Like Honda, it all started with the engine: a liquid-cooled 675cc cylinder cylinder with twin-plug cylinder head. The layout of the longitudinal crankshaft (Honda’s innovation) means more power really gets to the ground, so Rincon can offer real world power from bigger and heavier competition models.

2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon Reviews, Prices, and Specs
2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon

Long premium travel suspension, rugged body, strong front and rear steel shelves – the Rincon feature list continues. One thing you can not see but is easy to see is the all-day comfort at Rincon, which will be appreciated by the serious ATV riders. And there’s what’s seen in Rincon: Strong. Accidentally. Like a mainstay ATV. So forget about installing rough racers. Treat yourself to Honda Rincon, and discover how comfortable “roughing it” is.

2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon Reviews

2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon  – Engine

The 2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon Powerplant is the most unique item on this machine, and never copied by other manufacturers. Instead of using a common CVT engine, Rincon has a three-speed manual. Again, this is different from ordinary manual tranny. No clutch is needed, and you can shift by pressing a button or letting it shift for you in automatic mode. As you ride at regular speed, the transmission does a great job that keeps you in the right position and gives you the right power every time.

However, if you want to ride aggressively, the transmission is not quite perfect. Sometimes hunting teeth and not shifting right when you want it. However, that is where excitement shifts back to your life. With three-speed manual mode, Rincon can smile broadly on your face. Instant power and fast shifts. We love to know that we can have low-grade grunts in difficult situations, and the first fixtures provide them well. The engine is not a racer, but probably the most sporty sporty 4×4 Honda. It is very impressive to have a machine that can slide when needed, then offer the sensation of shifting as well when needed.

  • Semi-Dry Engine-Sump Design
    Compact and lightweight, the overhead design of the Rincon valve above, the semi-dry valve makes the engine shorter from top to bottom. It returns two major benefits: it improves handling by lowering the center of gravity of the engine, and this also allows higher ground clearance.
  • Dual-Plug Head
    Using two lighted plugs together to help ensure clean, fast and thorough burning. This is a win-win situation: The engine runs cleaner, with greater efficiency and fuel coverage.
  • Automatic Transmission
    No belt slips or clutches to wear at Honda Rincon – it has an automotive three-speed automatic transmission like a truck, so you can depend on it for smooth travel and trouble-free services.
  • Longitudinal Machine Layout
    By directing the front crankshaft backward in the chassis on the ATV and engine side by side, we direct the electric current directly to the wheels without any unnecessary slashes, reducing the friction of the powertrain and making more grunts to the ground.
  • Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI)
    Injection Fuel Injection from Rincon (PGM-FI) and 40mm throttle body provide sharp and smooth performance while ensuring uninterrupted operation in cold conditions and varying heights

2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon Reviews


2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon – Features

  • Independent Rear Suspension (IRS)
    Honda FourTrax Rincon Independent Referral Suspension (IRS) returns two major benefits: First, it helps ensure constant tire contact with soil for superior attractiveness; Secondly, it gives you an ultra-smooth ride in rough terrain, so you’re not fascinated on the path.
2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon Reviews, Prices, and Specs
2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon
  • The Catalytic Conveyor
    Cars and trucks have it for 40 years – and 2017 Honda FourTrax Rincon also has features. People who work outdoors or who enjoy nature know that you have to protect the planet – and Rincon is doing its part.
  • Electric Shift Program (ESP)
    Upshifting or downshifting is easy and fast-just push one of the two buttons attached to the handlebar. ESP is a great advantage when driving heavy boots or if your boots are covered in mud or snow because you do not have to bother with the conventional left-foot ATV adjustment lever.
  • TraxLok
    Honda FourTrax Rincon  TraxLok® lets you choose two-wheel drive or four wheel drive. The two-wheel drive gives you a lighter steering wheel on flat ground, while the four-wheel drive maximizes available fascination when you need it. Choosing between them will not be easy, and you get the best of both worlds.
  • Electrical Output
    Thanks to the neodymium-magnet stator design, the powerful ACG generates enough electricity, so you can run more Honda Genuine Accessory.