2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION Review

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2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION Review – Polaris has had an electric Ranger SxS for six years but the new Ranger EV Li-Ion made a surprising leap in performance. According to Polaris, UTV offers more than three times the total battery life of traditional battery acid and more than twice the range on one charge (up to 50 miles). Perhaps even more surprising is weight loss. Because it has fewer, lighter weight Lithium-Ion battery,  Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION is 462 lbs lighter than lead-acid powered new Ranger EV.

To complete the Lithium-Ion battery technology, electric pure  20187 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION what Polaris calls feature subtle electrical architecture and 48-volt motors, high efficiency, single AC-induction. The driver can choose from three modes of operation: High for everyday use, Low for hard work and Max Range for the greatest distance.

2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION Review
2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION

The new system also features Battery Management Controller, which constantly monitors the battery usage for more accurate representation of the battery. A Vehicle Control Module (VCM) allows to measure the new digital speedometer and increased integration of accessories. Polaris said accessories like kits Power Steering Electronic and Interactive Digital Display Polaris is now easier to install. The vehicle is also equipped with an on-vehicle diagnostics for easier servicing.

2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION – Engine

RANGER EV Li-Ion is the industry’s first off-road vehicles powered by Lithium-Ion technology. This pure electric engine is the symbol of power is clean, quiet and efficiently with unmatched range, rapid acceleration and smooth performance off-road.

RANGER EV Li-Ion will travel up to 50 miles * on a single charge so you can start each adventure with total confidence. you can choose from three modes of operation  High for everyday useand Low for hard work and Max Range for the greatest distance. Of torque and a top speed ever limited in Max Range mode.

The light 2017 RANGER EV Li-Ion has a powerful 30HP / 48V AC-induction motor for fast, smooth and highly responsive acceleration drivability. Li-Ion battery can charge from any standard 110V three-prong grounded outlet, so that your trip is always ready when you are. Because the ratio improved power to weight and the RANGER EV goes 0-20 MPH in less than 4 seconds!

2017  Polaris RANGER EV Li-Ion offers every advantage of electricity – stealth-quiet, no gas and no emissions – with little to no maintenance! It has two 100% sealed, self-heating batteries Lithium-Ion onboard which will run up to 2,000 charge cycles – a 3x more than the lead-acid battery. Li-Ion battery comes standard with a 3-year or 5,000-mile factory warranty on Lithium-ion batteries to support this.

 2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION – Features

 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION With Polaris AWD advantage right, all four wheels engage automatically when the vehicle you need more forward traction and reverts back to 2WD when not. When in 2WD, which VersaTrac Turf Mode switch open rear differential for easier, tighter turns that will not rip your page.

Polaris EV With 500 lb (227 kg) capacity gas assist rear litter box and Lock & Ride cargo system that accommodates accessories that go on and off in a matter of seconds, the 2017 RANGER EV Li-Ion is the perfect partner for work and play.

Polaris RANGER EV Li-Ion is agile powerhouse with a tight turning radius and full 10 “(25.4 cm) of ground clearance. Plus, 58 “width allows it to fit in the bed of the most full-size pickup for easy transport.

2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION Review
2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION

A full 9 “(22.9 cm) of suspension travel in front and 9” (22.9 cm) of travel Rear Suspension Independent behind plus friendly grass Carlisle tires ensure a smooth ride on any type of terrain.

This sleek new gauge positioned just in front of the driver. It features a digital voltage measurement with improved cost monitoring, analogue speedometer and some LCD indicator.

Industry-exclusive, highly modular Lock & Ride® taxi Pro-Fit system offers hundreds of taxis, including the roof, doors and windshield are very easy to install and remove from the special attachment point. With more than 20 camo and hunting accessories to choose from, you can complete your quiet stealth- RANGER EV Li-Ion sneak up on any game.

2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION – Price

2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION going to be release in the country of  United States, Europe, Canada, Russia, Europe, Canada, and Australia , The estimated price in each nation is different, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price

  • 2017 Polaris Ranger EV LI-ION – $22,999