2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE Reviews

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2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE Reviews 2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE is Yamaha first ATV to use hybrid aluminum give a low frame, which improves handling while reducing weight. A lightweight, aluminum color, round housing style swingarm make unsprung weight down and make easy adjustments chain. Handling was updated in 2015 with new front 22-inch Maxxis tires replace tu 21s. Higher tire roll more smoothly over bumps. The new tire has a dating profile and 20% stiffer sidewall reduce rollover in the corners. 5mm rear shock spring preload receive, plus a bit stiff compression and rebound damping. Front shocks received little attention. Travel increased by 2mm. Springs dual-rate front have a little stiff spring rate throughout the second stage. Compression damping is slightly reduced in the first part of the stroke while rebound damping is decreasing.

The suspension is very capable Raptor provides 9.1-in. From traveling in front with 10.1-in. Back. These shocks Yamaha Raptor 700r SE  benefit from preload, high and low speed compression and rebound adjustment. They offer a wide range of adjustments that allow you to adjust the performance of the suspension for your weight and riding style. If you’re not into the suspension tuning, a model base 700 maintains preload adjustment, but gave damping adjustment and reservoirs in the trade front to save cash during the 700R.

2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE Reviews
2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE

Raptor quick stop with hydraulic disc brakes, equipped with dual-piston callipers at both ends and performs beautifully in almost every face right out of the box. The latest engines respond better to bolt-on performance parts, and there are a number of aftermarket parts available for the machine.

2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r, and 700R is available in a combination of blue and white, while the 60th Anniversary Special Edition models come in Yamaha black and yellow color scheme of retro cool. Model SE plays benefit of the front bumper give GYTR installed at the factory aluminum GYTR heel guards.

2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE – Engine

Fast, luxurious, and nimble 2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE  back to 2.016 with a fresh set of graphic, after a round mantarima significant update in 2015. Its 45.5-width and 50.4-in wheelbase make it at home on any trail or mound of coast to coast. In 2015, water-cooled, four-valve 686cc, DOHC, engine receives a healthy 10% increase in horsepower is focused on the bottom-end and midrange. The increased power is a result of a number of engine updates. A new head has a single exhaust port. A new piston and connecting rod compression salary increase from 9.2: 1 to 10.0: 1 Piston recently been refurbished with new cam profiles, which are designed to work with other mods to boost power while maintaining ultra-smooth, fast-revving 700 power known. Balancer shaft plays tweaked in 2015 to compensate for vibrations higher engine compression may have been added. Mapping new fuels and new exhaust system makeover rounded top-end engine that is mated to a five-speed manual gearbox with reverse well spaced for all types of riding.

Smooth, Powerful Engines

Lightweight forged pistons, connecting rods crank give 686cc engine that is light and strong, for the hard-hitting, fast-revving powerplant which revs all the way to 9000 rpm. Double Counterbalancers remains smooth.

2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE Reviews
2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE

Advanced Fuel Injection

Yamaha Fuel Injection (YFI) means consistently excellent engine performance in a variety of conditions, levations and temperature.

digital Ignition

Digital TCI w / 32-bit electronic control unit controls the fuel injection and ignition systems for consistent performance and throttle response was fantastic.

Reliable push-button electric start in any gear adds extra convenience.

Transmission strong

Race-bred speed transmission with reverse, along with Raptor 700R’s powerband horrible, mean there is a choice of teeth in almost all situations. YZ-spec ratchet shifter ensures smooth, resistance- free shifting under power. Heavy duty clutch features a sturdy basket and plates designed to harness the power.

2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE – Price

2017 Yamaha Raptor 700r SE models see a small price increase $ 100 700 in 2016. The basic model costs $ 7.799; Who 700R costs $ 8.299; While the 60 Anniversary SE sega $ 8.999.