2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS Review

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2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS ReviewYamaha Wolverine ATV long had in their lineup, and it is known as an explorer trail that blends sporty four-wheel drive capability of heavy duty utility machine with the characteristics of handling much lighter, sport ATV. It is naturally in the forest. As the lineup Yamaha Grizzly ATV and become more capable, Wolverine is stopped, but today new Yamaha Wolverine ready to take to the road. This is the third installment in the Yamaha five years, “model year” promises to establish a presence in all segments of the world Side x Side.

The overall appearance of Wolverine is utilitarian in its roots, with less than a boxy quality prevalent in the genre. Hood angular design, and lend an air of aggression to the front end that is endlessly reinforced by the guards of major accidents and winch. A fold-down windshield – or mud shield if we are honest – reminiscent of the old army Jeep and doubles down on his hard-working performances.

2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS Review
2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS

While the body has little taper to it, the form has nothing to do with aesthetics and more to do with function. The fence that stands proud of the body protects the rear wheels and prevent obstacles from striking and tying the rear wheels, make sure that you can skirt the rock / tree / whatever with confidence.

2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS – Engine

Powering Yamaha Wolverine EPS is a single cylinder, liquid-cooled, four-stroke 708cc all-new version of the transmission that combines fat Ultramatic Yamaha has been used for many years. The upper end is all new design that helps give Wolverine a little kick in the pants feel. the machine still has undeniable “Yamaha” feel to it, with a force that is smooth and torquey than aggressive and violent. When you step on the gas, you tend to not shoot the contents of the bed to the ground. The Ultramatic CVT transmission uses a centrifugal clutch to help grip the belt tight and minimize slippage.

This limit wear while also helping to provide a smooth clutch engagement and disengagement. gear selection is buttery smooth and easy to do, even with gloves or mittens muddy big hunt. The standard differential lock and give Wolverine billy goat capability while climbing the rugged rocky terrain ,, slippery. Ultramatic transmission is also equipped with all-wheel engine braking when the 4×4 and diff-lock engaged, giving Yamaha Wolverine the ability to negotiate a gnarly downhills at snail-pace when necessary.

Wolverine EPS Chassis is designed to address the tight, technical trails. We did our initial testing at Brimstone Recreation in Huntsville, TN where the terrain is rocky, muddy and full of tight path. To help negotiate this terrain, Wolverine has a very good approach and departure angles and tapering at the side of the undercarriage to minimize the impact trail. This is the kind of terrain that most hunters on the east coast negotiate well. The Wolverine is able to get you there and back! To help smooth travel, high and low speed compression, rebound and preload adjustable KYB piggyback shocks with 9.7 “of travel in the front and 10.6” of travel out back give a really smooth ride on uneven terrain.

2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS – Features

Off-Road Capabilities and amazing value: The Wolverine EPS has aggressive looks compact and is designed to provide the best mix of capabilities and value in the segment of side-by-side, thanks to the combination of Yamaha suspension, handling, drivetrain and chassis components work together to give you the ability to traverse rough terrain with confidence and comfort.

Independent Double Wishbone Suspension: Wolverine has four-wheel independent suspension with a class-leading long-stroke KYB shocks that provide quality damping feel, reliable bottoming resistance, and preload adjustments to handle different riding style, load and terrain.

2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS Review
2017 Yamaha Wolverine EPS

Roomy, comfortable Cabin: Comfort is maximized for the driver and passengers with automotive-style cab and display the position of the seat support with a dedicated headrests, three-point seat belt, an adjustable handle passenger and airy floor boards that provide a comfortable driving experience driving.

High-Tech DOHC Engine: The Yamaha¬†Wolverine EPS is powered by a 700-class Yamaha’s latest and most advanced ever, with dual overhead cams and fuel injection. Character strengths 708cc engine is optimized for smooth, linear power delivery to address both the open road and more technical terrain.

Unique Ultramatic CVT Yamaha: Yamaha Ultramatic continuously variable transmission (CVT) provides smooth power delivery, dependable all-wheel engine braking and very reliable operation, for worry-free performance in work- or play.

On Command Four Wheel Drive: Yamaha Wolverine On-Command features, the most capable four wheel drive system industry. With a simple twist of the dial, the driver choose 2-wheel drive, 4-wheel limited slip, or 4-wheel differential lock is full, allowing Wolverine clawed its way through anything.

Supports Ergonomics: Comfortable seats with headrests dedicated provide great support and they are positioned for optimum visibility. driver’s seat is adjustable 3-position, as well.

Cab Field: Class-leading legroom, and tough, textured floor surfaces make it easy to find a comfortable position whether you are driving or a passenger.

Trails comfort for the worst: three-point seat belts, shoulder bolsters and adjustable passenger handrail adds a feeling of comfort in the cabin. Tough, rotomolded doors help keep mud, water and debris on the trail where they are located.

Full instrumentation: digital instrument panel boasts a multifunction LCD display with speedometer, odometer, dual tripmeter, hour meter, 4WD status, transmission position, clock and fuel gauge.

Standard Size Storage: two cup holders, two storage center console and glove box dashmounted provides maximum space to store luggage in the cab.