2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS Review

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2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS – Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS Offering industry-leading handling, the power to weight, suspension and price. Wildcat Trail XT EPS modern technology to bring you more horsepower, less weight, increase efficiency and long-lasting durability. The Arctic Cat designed features 700 parallel-twin EFI, 4-valves per cylinder and liquid cooling.

2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS with engine 60-plus horsepower is designed specifically for the Wildcat Trail chassis and engine feed Rapid Response Team to grip and electronics have 2WD / 4WD with differential lock front. With 60-plus hp, the Wildcat Trail takes a back seat to no one. Wildcat Trail chassis has a 40/60 percent front / rear weight distribution for optimal handling at high speeds. The driver and passenger were 3 inches lower than the competition so you sit near the center of gravity low, leaving the occupants are less affected by the movement of vehicles inspire confidence and greater control.

2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS Review
2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS

2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS – Engine

Wildcat Trail XT EPS has a 2-wheel drive (4×2). While this result is less traction than a 4×4 system, allowing the vehicle to be lighter and handles better. Front differential lock makes 2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS stable in uncertain terrain by preventing the wheels with less / no traction on the free-wheeling.

This model is supported by fans and liquid-cooled, 4-stroke, 700cc engine, placing it in the big bore class displacement (650cc class and above). It produces 60hp exceptional, making this one of the most powerful Side by Side in 2017.

Its standard electronic fuel injection to make the engine more powerful, efficient through automated mixing the right amount of air and fuel, but this comes at the cost of mechanical simplicity, and can produce more road maintenance. The Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS comes standard with a 4-speed CVT transmission featuring automatic clutch. Add power steering and a locking differential into the mix and you’ve got a vehicle maneuver!

Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT has a double wishbone front and rear suspension. As a bonus, the system comes with a standard anti-sway bar. In front, 10in trip, while behind the 10.5in, a positive difference of 0.5in. This means that the rear part of the journey more than the front, which may indicate that this model is designed to carry a lot of stuff (which would weigh down the back and even weight distribution). If the difference becomes too large, however, these vehicles run the risk of encouraging when navigating bumby, hilly terrain. The area of ​​the front is the same as the typical big-bore sport Side by Side and Furthermore, the rear suspension is the same as the norm in this segment. is a very useful extra travel suspension for off-road scenarios hairy, the tradeoff handling slightly less tight.

2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS – Features

Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS with 700 Inline 4-Stroke Twin with EFI – 60 + Horsepower: This 700cc, 4-stroke, twin-cylinder engine puts out 60 + horsepower, giving it the best Wildcat ratio of power-to-weight in its class. Great things come in small packages. FOX® Shock Double A-Arm Suspension With Anti-Sway Bar: With FOX gas-shock double A-arm front and rear suspension, this cat can handle anything you throw at it. 10 / 10.5 inches of travel and a front / rear sway bar makes getting wind barriers.

Digital Power Sport Gauge: The Power Sport gauge packs one heck of a punch information. Digital gauges feature all the important indicators of the operating information: RPM, speedometer, trip mileage, gear indicator, digital clock and fuel gauge.

Wildcat Trail XT EPS Electronic power steering (EPS) activates automatically when the ignition key. Steering your machine requires minimal effort, even at slow speeds and rock crawl.
Ban Carlisle® Trail Pro ® with Aluminium Wheels: The Trail Pro 4-ply tires designed specifically for the Wildcat Trail and Sport. Lightweight, strong and performance hungry. Aluminum wheels only add to the appeal of this combo.

The rude TEAM Rapid Response is the perfect complement to a continuously variable transmission every Wildcat’s (CVT). Thanks to its lightweight design which creates minimal friction, power transfer business. The shift occurs automatically and directly in response to a vehicle, no matter how hard you hammer the throttle. Race-Inspired highback Bucket Seats: Aggressive feel, but comfortable. That is a bucket high back chairs are all about.

2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS Review
2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS

Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS riders prefer to be in control with their on-the-fly 2WD / 4WD. Overcoming the more rugged terrain with locking front differential with the flick of a switch.
Passenger grip: The driver does not have to be the only one having fun. With the proper grip, passengers can enjoy traveling in their positions like.

300 lb Box Capacity with Tie Down Hooks: We know sometimes you overpack for a fun day. The rear cargo box carries up to 300 lbs. of whatever you need and have the tie-down hooks to make sure it is properly secured.
Rear 2-Inch Receiver Hooking up to your boat trailers, utility trailers and attachments SPEEDPoint or whatever you need to haul it does not get much easier with rugged, 2-inch receiver’s rear. Adjustable Tilt Steering Away: The Wildcat is infinitely adjustable tilt steering allows you to position the steering wheel in the “right” for any rider.

2018 Arctic Cat Wildcat Trail XT EPS with 50 Inches wide: At 50 inches, this engine qualifies for most of my class path. Do not let the narrow width throw you though. With a riding position 3 inches lower than the competition, it will handle like a larger engine.
Automotive Style Paint High quality automotive stylish look as good as it holds. Get dirty and hose off.