2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Review

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2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Review – Installed factory cab kit Tab 2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB is optimized to improve quality and create a true 100 percent closed system. Along with the full seal seal, the factory-installed integrated heat management system, updated to separate the cooler air and cooler air better. The new arched front arm A-arm increases the width of the XT CAB packet path and supplies 11-in. (28 cm) ground clearance. Add a new stabilizer and side-by-side Defender is even more capable in a challenging terrain.

Five additional tire family repairs Can-Am Defender added for 2018. All XT packages get a new front bumper. New larger 27-in (68.6 cm) Ban Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 is now standard on Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Convenience vehicles. All family vehicles of Can-Am Defender also receive a new cargo box deflector to remove debris from cargo beds that reach the engine compartment. The enhanced second generation Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) system is added. And the revised gate shifter adds smoother operation and durability.

2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Review
2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB

All three Can-am Defender families are built tough, incorporating a sturdy and high-strength chassis combined with the towing, hauling and cargo carrying capacity of its class. No break-in requirements mean the owner can focus on housework and have the confidence to face difficult tasks and challenging paths. The versatile 4-mode traction system, three selected engine operation modes, Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) all add unbeatable handling to work and driving. All Defender vehicles are built with smart and adaptable solutions to work smarter. Family vehicle Defender offers a wide, comfortable and intuitive cockpit that has been configured to fix entry / exit and also sight lines. The bench seat VERSA-PRO has a 40/20/40 bench seat profiled for three adults, as well as lots of modularity. The exclusive removable removable equipment box, a removable waterproof under the seat storage and some glass holders are just some of the many integrated conveniences.

2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Review

2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB – Engine

The Defender MAX side-by-side vehicle is available with a 72-millimeter a 50 hp Rotax 2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB engine. With both packages, the rear mounted engine is coupled to an exclusive PRO-TORQ Transmission with Quick Response System (QRS) that enhances low-speed driving and offers a smoother engagement, as well as better belt life and true dependence with optimal ventilation. and electronic belt protection.

The Defender MAX XT CAB vehicle has a 32.5-in. (82.5 cm) longer chassis (compared to a single defender back seat) with technologies like automotive and fabrication tolerances that match the quality and strength found in modern pickup trucks. An easy and cost-effective maintenance system does not require termination and allows the owner to spend more time doing what needs to be done – getting a job.

When it comes to hard work, the Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB is impressive with its outstanding towing, transporting and grade capabilities. The Can-Am exclusive rear suspension offers optimum comfort and driving ability and durability, and has a 10-inch (25.4 cm) trip.

The Defender MAX XT CAB vehicle is also equipped with incomparable field competence with versatile 4-mode traction system, three selectable engine operating modes, fast turning radius and a dedicated Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) amplifier system to improve maneuverability.

All-new 2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB vehicles are built with smart and adaptable solutions to work smarter and Versatile cargo boxes are easily removed and can carry up to 1,000 lb. (454 kg). Additionally, it is compatible with the CanQoQ Linq fast access system and functionally functional for workers with various integrated cracks, cutouts, walls and tie-down points.

2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Review

2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB – Features

The Can-am Defender MAX Family side-by-side vehicle is designed to beat the competition by offering a strong, capable package and cleaver to enhance jobs, farming, hunting and outdoor leisure experiences. The Can-am Defender MAX XT family offers comfortable seating for six adults, unmatched flexibility with truck-inspired pickup features and 115.5-in stability improvement. (293.4 cm) long chassis. Two new models added in 2018 Can-Am Defender Max Lineup. The leading position in the Defender MAX XT CAB market comes with unbeatable value, while the easily configured Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB includes a fully installed, factory-mounted cab and integrated heating system for unprecedented comfort.

Several additional improvements were added to the family of Can-Am Defender Side vehicles for 2018. The new front curved front arm and new rocking bar increased the width of the XT Cab packet path, providing 11-in. (28 cm) ground clearance and improved handling in challenging terrains. All XT packs get a new front bumper. New larger 27-in (68.6 cm) Ban Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 is now standard on MAX XT CAB Convenience vehicles. All family vehicles of Can-Am Defender also receive cargo box deflectors to remove debris from cargo beds that reach the engine compartment. A revised gate shifter, for finer operation and durability, and second generation Dynamic Power Steering (DPS) are also added to the full range of Defender MAX vehicles.

2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB Review
2018 Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB
  • New glass glass tilt windshield with wiper kit and washer – full-length windscreen full-length and highly scratch resistant. It also includes a wiper and washer kit with 0.4-Gal. (1.9 L) to increase the visibility of wet weather or muddy conditions. The windshield can also be tilted (three positions) and out to increase airflow to its occupants during mild conditions. The transition allows to open and tilt the front window upgraded to improve reliability.
  • NEW Door filled with electric opener window – The Can-am Defender XT Cab has full doors to attach the occupants inside the cabin. The comfortable and spacious cabin also offers residents protection from the elements, with integrated heating, warmth in cool areas. The durable door has an electronic opening window, just like a pick-up truck. For 2018, Can-Am engineers have added a new steel wire fastener strap to improve function and durability. They also renewed the door seal to create a more perfect seal and which also enhanced the opening and closing of cabin doors in the process.
  • NEW Rear glass with sliding hole – New rear glass window uses rigid back panel mounting point for easier operation when opening it. Sliding opening in the rear window allows airflow through the cabin on warm days and provides quick access to the goods on the cargo bed.
  • New Integrated Heating Kit – The factory-installed integrated heating system has been optimized for better performance in cold weather and for use during other seasons as well. The new insulating foam ensures a 100 percent right seal. When the heater is set to “cool,” the new one-way valve on the heater prevents the coolant from circulating. In addition, cooling routing is reconfigured and larger routing components are used to expand the overall heating capacity of the kit.
  • Hard roof full of liner and dome lights – Durable plastic roof with integrated liner protects the occupants of the elements while giving the Defender MAX XT CAB unit an unbeatable special look and fit. New standard dome lights help light up the cabin during low light situations.
  • New XT Bumper – Powder-coated front powdered front bumper will enhance Defender MAX XT CAB vehicle fascia while adding protection.
  • Premium color options – Vehicle Can-am Defender MAX XT CAB are available in Intense Red, Pure Magnesium painted, Pure Magnesium painted and optional drinking, indicated by water-coated industry Mossy Oak Break-Up Country Camo.