2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo Review

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2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo ReviewCan-Am still provides one of the coolest-looking UTVs you can buy. The bodywork has a great design with average, looks aggressive. It will definitely intimidate the visible traces behind them and saw shocked them. Can-am Maverick Turbo models have a bright green steel tubes, which form the roll cage and suspension. Black bodywork on our test unit is accented with fender flares and the nose section is coated in the center looked carbon fiber finish.

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo with cockpit you are treated with the best cabin so in the industry. Seats mountain solid, but luxurious with high backs and slider. The steering wheel is well placed and feels like an Italian sports car qualities. Passengers enjoy the same convenience, opportunity hand-hold solid and very spacious glovebox. The only difference Maverick Turbo models have more of a standard in this area is that the inter-cooler sits nestled just behind the driver’s seat. It does not block the view out the back of the car, so adding the rearview mirror a little higher on the wish list of every customer.

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo Review
2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo – Engine Performance

2018 Maverick Turbo improve engine performance as evidenced by the industry’s first factory-installed turbocharger allows Maverick TURBO to produce an impressive 131 HP. electronically controlled wastegate automatically adjust increased the pressure for optimal performance in any condition and even maintain full performance at altitudes up to 5,000-ft. Paired with an intercooled turbo air-to-air with a built-in fan to keep the air flowing into the engine cooled even under the most demanding conditions. To keep up with the added pressure in the engine, a new low-pressure forged piston has been added for long-lasting performance. Finally, the new high capacity injectors ensures fuel delivery better, giving a mixture of air / fuel optimized to improve performance.

When you round the Can-am Maverick Turbo with Rotax engine, it sounds almost the same as non-turbo models-equipped. However, it seems like the Can-Am smooth drive-by-wire throttle system a bit, remove some lag. When you let off the throttle, you can hear the turbo wind down a bit. Nothing little about increasing the power you feel, however, when you mash the throttle. At the first blow, there was no great success. It takes a split second to increase the power to be noticed. But when the kick, oh boy, survived. strength ramps quickly and wildly spinning tires. the feeling was exhilarating, to say the least. If the machine is not a 4WD, it will be difficult to control with heavy legs.

With a talented driver at the wheel, the strength is still impressive. You really need to modulate the throttle to get the tires to hook the loose hardpack, covered in sand. At 50 mph, you still feel the tires looking for traction. In a drag race between the Maverick Turbo and Polaris RZR XP 1000, it was no contest. The Maverick launches forward on the path around the same as the RZR, but then within three car lengths, Maverick is a two car length ahead. The results were similar in the sand as deep as well. Maverick clutch and ignition key is set to limit the engine at 82 mph, as RZR 1000. However, you can tell the motor has at least 10 mph left to offer. But at such speeds, the car is still loose, so unless you have perfect traction, we will not hold the throttle down for a long time. During high-speed running laps, we found it best to get out of the corners at about half throttle and give it no more than 3/4 throttle to keep tracking to the front of the machine. It has plenty of power.

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo, improvements that are not as impressive as the turbo is added to the motor. The front end is luxurious and forgiving, but it was still hard on the back in large lumps. There is very little body roll, which helps in tight, but we have to play with the spring rate and compression clickers bit. To get a little plusher engines, we remove half inch coil spring and supported high-speed compression five clicks. We added three clicks of compression slow speed to compensate for changes in the spring. This arrangement is much better than what was delivered from the factory. It drives through the small bumps and skipped off larger. However, we expect bottom-out protection is more forgiving just behind it.

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo – Suspensions

Innovative Torsional Trailing A-arms (TTA) rear suspension is a compact version of the five-link suspension featuring no bump steer and low scrub. This all translates into a more controlled movement of the wheels, optimal bump absoprtion and contact tire-to-ground for predictable handling. compact design means lower unsprung weight for faster suspension response to changing terrain. Its 16 in. (40.6 cm) of travel will provide a smooth ride on hard-charging step or in the technical field.

This Can-am Maverick Turbo new high-performance front and rear shocks FOX PODIUM 2.5 QS3 allows the rider to easily dial-in tool-free setting their suspension. Through the 3-position knob, the suspension can be easily adjusted depending on the terrain or riding preferences. Turn the dial to position 1 to obtain a smooth compression to optimize comfort and performance for a long trip, or go to a third position to get a high-performance race-ready suspension.

14-in (35.6 cm) black cast aluminum wheels with a proven 28-in (71.1 cm), 6-ply Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires have sturdy lugs and a non-directional tread pattern for a smooth ride and confident through the various surface.

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo Review
2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo

Can-Am is not just to add more than 20 horsepower to Maverick, they increase suspension travel 2 inches and a wheelbase nearly 4 inches. The third item is needed for it to compete with the competition. Out back, trailing A-arm suspension was extended, getting that extra wheelbase and help increase travel. However, the new, the old Fox 2.5-inch Fox shocks must be given credit for the extra trip and added adjustments. In the fourth corner, Fox shocks is now offering high and low speed compression adjustment, along with preload and rebound tuning. Front arm, has also been moved from the center of a full inch, allowing wheelbase 88 inches, which is two inches shorter than the RZR 1000.

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo – Price

2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo going to be released in the country of Canada, JapanUnited States, Europe and Australia, The estimated price in each nation is different, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price

  • 2018 Can-am Maverick Turbo Review – $23,899