2018 Honda Foreman 500 Price

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2018 Honda Foreman 500 Price – Definitive do-it-all workhorse ATV recently received a brand new chassis with suspension more, electronic diff. lock, spring preload adjustable front and rear plus enhanced durability. Also improved is the bodywork, the convenience of motorists, electrical systems, lighting and EPS options; machines are also 10% more fuel efficient.

A Honda ATV is not only a hard worker but also a major force to be reckoned with when it comes to hitting the trails and mountains for fun recreation or even a mud pit for those who are kind of riding. Each is built with quality, technology and reliability that only Honda can inject and last for many years, providing services unstoppable in all conditions and weather. The Honda Foreman 500 Foreman is the line of do-it-all ATV. This is the full power, full-sized machines in the range Honda, made for hard work and carrying heavy loads.

2018 Honda Foreman 500 Price
Honda Foreman 500 Price

2018 Honda Foreman 500 – Engine

An Honda Foreman 500 is a real powerhouse 475cc liquid-cooled OHV engine unchanged. Honda is unique to the longitudinally mounted and ensures a low center of gravity, plus provide direct and efficient top drive to the drive shaft. Fuel injection and air intake system has been fine-tuned to provide a more refined power delivery and throttle feel; automotive fuel pump-new spec improve durability and easier to service. Using a cam lock ring and O-ring to secure it in the tank and filter now has a life of 60,000 miles.

10% improvement in fuel economy – without losing drivability or power – has been achieved by using fuel map ‘lean’ when sailing, and the maps ‘rich’ at high engine speed and throttle opening is great. A 02 lambda sensor in the exhaust continuously adjusts fuel injection, reduce emissions

2018 Honda Foreman 500 Price
2018 Honda Foreman 500 Price

line Honda Foreman 500 ATV Fourtrax give you what you want, without breaking the bank. In terms of the value of hard work, the undefeated Foreman line, offering proven features such as powerful 475cc overhead valve engine with fuel injection, TraxLok been 2WD / 4WD, and a five-speed transmission unreliable. Our proven suspension Rear suspension is a great feature on the ATV working hard like this. Sick combat ruts, rocks, and sidehills? Then get Foreman with Honda’s revolutionary Electric Power Steering (EPS) -the intelligent, the most innovative power steering that you have experienced on ATV. Our push-button Electric Shift Program (ESP) is a great boost when you are wearing winter boots covered in mud. Do not want to deal with the additional electronic Power Shift (ES)? You can still get Foreman 500-foot transmission with manual shift.

2018 Honda Foreman 500 Price

  • 2018 Honda Foreman 500 Manual Shift / TRX500FM1 – MSRP Price – $7,09
  • 2018 Honda Foreman 500 Manual Shift + Electric Power Steering (EPS) / TRX500FM2 – MSRP Price – $7,79
  • 2018 Honda Foreman 500 Electric Shift (ES) TRX500FE1 – MSRP Price $7,34
  • 2018 Honda Foreman 500 Electric Shift (ES) + Electric Power Steering (EPS) / TRX500FE2 – MSRP Price $8,049