2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Review

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2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Review – When it comes to search, new ways innovative to solve the problem, Honda has always risen to the challenge. Took our family of Pioneer 1000. This side-by-side are already correctly the first time in terms of comfort, handling, transportation, and user-friendly features, but we have taken the opportunity to make them even better this year. By applying a hefty dose of technology Honda, we give you what we think is the best side-by-side out there-new Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition, the engine so exceptional that atvrelease.com named UTV Utility of the Year. What makes it so special? First, the combination of Honda’s exclusive automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) technology combined with our revolutionary I-4WD. Then we have added 3-QS FOX shock absorbers, and Pioneer 1000 have increased comfort and protection features.

But some things have not changed. Our Pioneer lineup is available in three and five-seat version. And in addition to their innovative features, nothing can match the build quality you get with 2018 Honda. Or our reputation for quality and reliability asset-large when going gets rough.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Review
2018 Honda Pioneer 1000

You can make a strong case for Honda Pioneer 1000 as a side-by-side the most versatile in the workplace or on the road today. As with any Pioneer, it was designed to offer a blend of comfort and control you will not find in any side-by-side the other. Plus, 1000 features our exclusive QuickFlip® bed seat design, so you can go from 3-seater with four-seater with a 5-seater in seconds, without tools.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 offers the same chassis and engine as we Pioneer 1000 models, but with three front bench seat and a conventional tilt bed. Available in three trim levels, updated to be more convenient to 2017 thanks to front seats increased, and pre-wired to make installation winch easier than before, when you’re looking for a side-by-side you’ll be driving for many years to come, Honda Pioneer 1000 lineup is what you want.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 – Engine

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 with Class-leading engine displacement in a compact size. The 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin cylinder head using Unicam® same design found on a motocross bike and features electronic fuel injection, so you get a reliable power and performance, wherever adventure takes you.

Driving as you want, with the industry’s first and only 6-speed Dual Clutch Transmission. Choose between manual or fully automatic mode. Plus, the addition of Sport Mode increases the pleasure, shifts in the higher RPM for the spirit, full performance driving experience.

With a 42 percent reduction in full gear between high and low, you get torque you need in all six gears. This is very useful when driving over rough terrain, scaling a steep hill or towing heavy loads.

Pioneer 1000 is purpose-built for the American market, right in America. domestic and globally sourced parts all assembled in our factory in Timmonsville, South Carolina, and once it side-by-side roll off line, they are ready to explore every corner of the country.

Call it 2000 pounds, or call 1 ton. ether way, the towing capacity of  Honda Pioneer 1000 unmatched by any competitor. So instead of jumping on a tractor or pick up trucks, you can stay right in side-by-side and tackle the jobs greater with relative ease.

Need to stop on a steep uphill? Honda new Hill Start Assist automatically holds Pioneer 1000 LE in position as you move your foot from the brake pedal to the accelerator-no drama roll-back.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 – Handling

Steering column-mounted paddle shifters add a serious dose of performance in each drive. In Manual mode, they allow you to shift without ever taking your hands off the wheel, and in automatic mode, they let you override the current gear quickly up or downshift, hold that gear for a few seconds before returning to automatic mode.

Double A-arm suspension provides 10.5 inches of travel in the front and 10-inches of travel in the rear. Couple that with a ground clearance of stars, and you maximize the available traction and superior comfort maneuver in other fields side-by-side would shy away from.

Do not tear the sensitive surfaces. Select Mode Turf. Want to access as much traction as possible? Put it in 4WD. Need maximum power to all four wheels? Locking front and rear differentials. And the best part is, you can do it all with a single shift lever.

Electric Power Steering system eliminates bump steer our help through rocky and rutted terrain, which reduces fatigue. What makes it even better is added to help you get when you need it, such as when you are in 4WD, driving at low speeds, or maneuver over rough conditions. Available in Honda Pioneer 1000-5, Pioneer 1000 EPS, and Pioneer 1000 Limited Edition models.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Review
2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 Review

Practically speaking, 27-inch tires on 12-inch rims help increase ground clearance, improved ride comfort, and provide better traction. Realistically speaking, they just look great. And the DLX models, you get Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires with radial construction and premium style.

The brain of the DCT, Advanced Transmission Logic, senses how you drive and adapt. Driver relaxing get the early shift for a quieter ride at low engine speeds. sporty drivers will hold each gear longer to shift the higher RPM. And when going downhill, you get a true engine braking. Now that’s smart transmission.

Towards the hill? The bed is loaded or empty? The new Honda Electronic Brakeforce Distribution automatically proportions force to front and rear brakes to changing conditions-all you do is press the brake pedal. (Standard on all Models Pioneer 1000 LE.)

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 – Comfort

Tough, durable and built to enhance any driving experience – yes, we’re talking about the seats. Contoured for three passengers, the center seat is positioned above and forward to maximize space and comfort, and the cover is designed to withstand the elements and heavy use.

2018 Honda Pioneer 1000 With Multi-function LCD screen dashboard is large enough to host a lot of information, in a way that is easy to read, such as speed and fuel level. RPM and transmission mode. Fuel gauge, water temperature, travel information and more. It even includes a clock, so you’ll always know when it’s time to have fun.

With a tilt steering wheel, you ensure a more comfortable driving experience. We have provided access to various adjustments for optimal customization, and even move very far forward to allow easy entry and exit.

Some of the most impressive Pioneer 1000 features that you will never see. In addition to the suspension and ground clearance, we are rubber-mounted engine and exhaust system to protect the cabin against excessive vibration. So, while you may not see this feature, it’s one you will definitely see.

Even when you push your Honda Pioneer 1000 to the limit, you compromise anything. Just take a load-leveling suspension with cargo, passengers or both climbed into the rear – rear suspension automatically adjusts to changes in body weight. So you maintain ground clearance, comfort and handling, without compromise.