2018 Honda Pioneer 500 Review

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2018 Honda Pioneer 500 Review – Choosing the right tool is a job half done. And can make whatever you are trying to do so much more enjoyable. For thousands of side-by-side owners, the right tool for the job is the Honda Pioneer 500. It is big enough to seat two with ease, but at just 50 inches wide, it can fit where larger side-by-side can not, letting you explore the road with width restrictions. That means also fits into a full-sized bed pickup with ease. But Pioneer 500 still offers plenty of power, and loaded with features, including for 2018, a new automatic transmission with mode / AT MT. And then there is the best feature of all: Honda quality and dependability.

Do not be fooled by the size of the trim 2018 Honda Pioneer 500. This is a giant in terms of where it can bring you and the work that can be done. powerful 500-class machines are built to provide many low-rpm torque and broad powerband. Five-speed automatic transmission the new electric-shift still has a manual mode with paddle shifters, so you can choose to let it shift automatically, or switch to a mode MT-even quickly. Got something to tow? Pioneer 500 can handle the load of towing 1000 pounds, and the rear rack can hold 450 pounds.

2018 Honda Pioneer 500 Review
2018 Honda Pioneer 500

Independent Rear Suspension combine with an open front differential and rear axle locked to provide treatment and power to both rear wheels full right time. New for 2017: dual-rate springs provide a smooth ride for all-day comfort, and there is even a new selection of green color.

2018 Honda Pioneer 500  – Engine

Coupled with a five-speed automatic transmission is efficient, New Pioneer 500 engine features electronic fuel injection for cold weather operations business and the high altitude. This specially tuned for low rpm torque, too.

Compact and light weight, Pioneer 500-valve head design, semi-dry-sump to create an engine that is not only shorter from top to bottom, but one that improves handling with low center of gravity and the ground clearance is profitable.

2018 Pioneer 500 is built around a strong, single-cylinder, 475cc engine longitudinal us. With the front crankshaft orientation for back in the chassis, we routes power to the wheels directly without detour right angle, reducing friction powertrain and put more rough to the ground.

Our machines have been tested Honda is liquid-cooled, providing more consistent operating temperature and power than comparable air-cooled motors. It adds up to better performance and longer engine life.

Good weather is cold and high altitude running, business startups, great fuel efficiency and less pollution that is “closed-loop” system Pioneer 500 fuel injection means to you. And that’s what we call a win / win. Pioneer 500 has a heavy duty style receiver hitch and a towing capacity of 1,000 pounds

2018 Honda Pioneer 500  – Handling

With 5.9 inches of wheel travel in front and 8.5 inches of ground clearance, 2018 Pioneer 500 can negotiate rough roads with ease. Pioneer 500 and suspension tuned for a fun, sporty ride as well.

If you want to shift manually, simply upshift and downshift without having to take your hands off the steering wheel. You can choose the right gear you want, and it is engineered for precise, smooth shifts.

For 2018, you can let the new Honda automatic transmission shifts Pioneer 500 for you, or you could still shift himself with his paddle shifters. You can even switch from auto to manual (AT to MT) quickly!

A spring is spring, right? Naturally, all eyes might look the same, but the 500s Pioneer has a dual-rate springs for 2017, and after one trip you will feel the difference. You get a smoother ride over small bumps with greater resilience bottoming on large bumps, along with a more confident feel of the steering wheel. He Pioneer 500 fully independent rear suspension means you get a smooth ride, especially in rough terrain.

Our rock-solid system lets you choose either 2WD or 4WD, giving you the freedom to choose between light steering (in 2WD) and maximize the available traction (on 4WD) when you need them.

2018 Honda Pioneer 500 Review
2018 Honda Pioneer 500

Unlike the belt-drive automatic pistol out there, Pioneer 500 features mode transmission AT / MT which uses rugged, steel teeth. You get a compression braking force for superior control (especially when going down hill), and long transmission life.

2018 Honda Pioneer 500 – Price

2018 Polaris RZR 570 going to be released in the country of   United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, United States and Australia, The estimated price in each nation is different, the manufacturer’s suggested retail price

  • 2018 Honda Pioneer 500 – $9,999