2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review

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2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review –  The Suzuki KingQuad ATV is world-renowned for some of the heaviest ATVs on the planet and with a wide selection of vehicles, price points and color styles, there is a KingQuad built for every application. Each KingQuad is proudly assembled in the United States, delivering proven Suzuki reliability, great hard work, and great performance features while you’re on the go. With more than three decades of proven leadership, Suzuki ATV has evolved from First on 4 Wheels to the best with four wheels. The 2018 ATV KingQuad series once again proves that Nothing is Built Like a KingQuad.

Suzuki swung this as the most powerful and technologically advanced ATV they have produced to date, and seeing its features, they are not kidding. This fluid-cooled engine provides enough power to transport 672 pounds of engines, plus riders and gears, and body panels do an outstanding job of covering and protecting machines, with few machines exposed. Speaking of body panels, you can get them in whatever color you want – giving you the desire of Metallic Matte Royal Gray, unique to the Limited Edition.

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review
2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition

The third headlamp on the handlebar is a nice touch, lets you wipe the extra rays and gain better visibility and situational awareness than you get from chassis-mounted lights. The electronic power steering system adds control inputs to the handlebars to reduce motorist fatigue from long and / or rough journeys, and the padded T-seat has plenty of bearings and space for the rider to shift his weight as needed. . The 4.6-gallon fuel tank is installed under the seat, which lowers the center of gravity significantly, enabling better control of the bend, and provides much range when walking far and wide.

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition – Engine

Engine capacity of 44.1 cubic liquid-powered and liquid fed by Suzuki fuel injection tested and correct and electronic capacitor ignition (CDI). The SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) cylinder wall layer, which provides superior heat transfer and allows for closer piston-to-cylinder wall tolerance, is a Suzuki racing technology. The four-valve sport heads are large, 36 mm intake valves and straight-shot exhaust ports to encourage scavenging gas-gases and improve volumetric efficiency and emissions. Rubber-lined machines and balancers in the engine dampen vibrations to prevent your hands from numbing.

QuadMatic automatic transmission, CVT-type provides power to the wheels, can operate in high / low range on advanced gears, and have the opposite. Traction controlled by differential differential differential torque-sensing allows you to switch between 2WD, 4WD and 4WD differential-lock by simply pressing a button. It provides many options for negotiating rough terrain, while eliminating the need to develop the skills necessary to coordinate the coupling and throttle positions. This feature makes KingQuad very novice and more safe to operate than traditional ATVs.

  • The 722cc fluid-cooled DOHC 4-valve fuel injection engine is tuned to deliver a powerful low to mid-range torque along with powerful high rpm output.
  • The lightweight aluminum cushioned aluminum cushion with Suzuki race itself proves SCEM (Suzuki Composite Electrochemical Material) for better heat transfer and tighter piston clearance.
  • The cylinder tilts forward 48 degrees for a low center of gravity, reduced engine height and lower seat height, and a rubber mounted with two counterbalance shafts for smooth performance.
  • Compact 4-valve cylinder head with large 36mm intake valve and straight intake port for improved cylinder filling efficiency – includes a lightweight magnesium valve cover.
  • The semi-gear driven valve system minimizes the size of the cam sprocket that allows short / narrow cylinder head design and reduces the overall height of the engine.
  • The rubber-driven machine uses two balancing axles to keep the ride tight.
  • The ultra-efficient air filter has a paper element (for superior filtration) and foam (easy to clean and reuse) for better durability and less maintenance.
  • Suzuki fuel injection system provides excellent throttle response, fuel efficiency and fast engine speed.

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition – Features

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review seeks to balance the weight and stiffness in its high steel frame, with attention to performance and comfort. The front independent double-A-arm front suspension has 6.7 inches of travel, and the independent A-arm and I-beam rear suspension has 7.7 inch travel. It provides many rough terrain handling capabilities, and surprises at both ends have five preload settings, allowing the rider to contact the vehicle’s condition and load.

Brakes consisting of 200 mm front discs and sealed, multi-disc discs provide reliable stopping power in all conditions. The lightweight, depressed aluminum wheels and the clutch-type rear brakes all function to reduce uneven weight, give a lively and responsive impression to KingQuad. The thick polyethylene slip plate provides protection for the bottom with minimal friction at times when you can not avoid lying in the field.

2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition Review
2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition

Front and rear luggage racks – protected with black wrinkles – provide plenty of cargo space. A closed compartment tucked into the right front fender increases the amount of cargo capacity.

  • 2018 Suzuki KingQuad 750AXi Power Steering Special Edition with QuadMatic ™ CVT-type automatic transmission is designed for maximum flexibility and easy gate-fender-mount shifter operation for high / low forward ranges, plus neutral and vice versa.
  • The compact and lightweight steering power, positioned high on the vehicle to help avoid water and dirt, provides a lighter steering wheel under various conditions to help reduce motorist fatigue.
  • Compact torque-sensing limited-slip front differential offers stronger traction and lightweight steering effort. The differential lock system provides a serious four-wheeler appeal.
  • Conveniently mounted push button controls allow the driver to easily choose between 2WD, 4WD and 4WD differential-lock to get the right settings for each traction condition.
  • The advanced engine brake system minimizes free-wheeling to reduce downhill speed.
  • High-voltage steel frame with special attention is given to the balance of stiffness and weight for optimal chassis performance and comfortable ride.
  • Front independent front A-arm suspension (6.7 inch travel wheel) includes large diameter shock absorbers with 5-way preload spring adjustment
  • The rear suspension A-arm and I-beam are fully independent with long suspension travel (7.7 inch wheel travel), including large diameter shock absorbers with 5-way preload spring adjustment and large diameter rear suspension rods.
  • Large 200mm diameter front disc brakes with single piston calipers designed for robust and reliable braking performance.
  • The multi-plate rear brake system, with clutch type design provides high durability, offers reduced unsprung weight, and low maintenance.
  • Pressurized aluminum wheels to reduce unsprung weight
  • A comfortable T-shaped seat with a tapered design for rider mobility, plus thick pads for support
  • The polyethylene skid plate provides protection under the guard at the bottom and back with minimal resistance above rock and rough terrain.