2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS Review

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2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS Review – Speaking of different animals, we also ride All new Yamaha Kodiak 700, and we hesitate to call it a Grizzly de-contented, because Kodiak so similar that if they removed nameplates you have to look twice and spent some time in order to know the difference.

2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS is targeted at user¬-breeder utilitarian, farmers and riders associated with other work. Kodiak used to come with engines 550cc) optimized for all-day operation, setting CVT Kodiak specifically designed for the engine RPM lower duties, and rolls chassis on Maxxis 25-inch tires are on Kodiak slightly less ground clearance (10.8 inches).

Yamaha Kodiak also got a different handlebar (grips closer and lower) and seats (lower) for a more relaxed riding position sitting. Of course, the body styling a bit more conservative (utilitarian) and an optional larger cargo rack.

2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS Review
2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS

You can get Kodiak Grizzly or without EPS, and non-EPS version comes with 4WD different actuator (lever-style) and no locking front differential. Kodiak (either version) does not come with a full rear sealed wet brake system new for durability in harsh conditions as it slogged through the water and dirt all day and then left to sit all night, the sort of thing that might be a routine task on the ranch or farm.

2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS – Engine

High-Tech Engineering
Kodiak 700 EPS robust features 708cc DOHC, 4-valve, fuel injection engine with optimized torque, power delivery and character-ideal engine for smooth, quiet operation throughout the day. Mikuni® fuel injection means easy cold start and the fuel delivery flawless in almost all conditions.

Ultramatic – Industry Most Durable CVT transmission
Ultramatic® transmission 2018 Kodiak 700 EPS ‘has a gated shifter, dual-range (Hi / Lo) drive plus reverse gear and drive systems are the most advanced available. In addition, gear ratios and specific Kodiak CVT arrangements designed to reduce engine RPM and delivers smooth, easy to use nature of power. Automatic centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension to reduce wear belts and clutch wedge provides a natural all-wheel engine braking.

Excellent torque
This engine has a 10.1: 1 compression ratio and four-valve heads provide optimum torque for excellent responsiveness, even with heavy cargo loads.

High-Mounted Air Intake
A layout of the air intakes higher long-mounted boost power and torque while providing additional storage space for the center and easy “no tools” servicing large air filter element.

Stainless Steel Exhaust
stainless steel exhaust system features screen-type spark arrestor for a great power with minimal noise output.

High -Kapasitas Radiator with Fan
High-capacity radiator with a fan-help provide excellent air flow for maximum cooling efficiency and positioned high in the frame for optimal protection.

Gated Shift Lever and 4WD Handlebar-Mounted Controls
Ultramatic peerless transmission shift lever Yamaha runs through five positions with High, Low, Neutral, Reverse and Park’s gate-positive and proper transmission operation. Strong, mechanical 4WD system selected using the handlebar lever.

Pushing Air Intake System
specially designed air intake system that drives high-mount helps reduce the temperature of the drive system and helps in keeping water and debris from entering the drive case.

2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS Review
2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS

2018 Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS – Features

Class-leading Power Steering
Yamaha Electric Power Steering (EPS) provides the industry’s best balance of steering assist and the positive feedback from the trail, provide maximum comfort and confidence.

Ban Heavy Duty
Exclusively designed 25-inch tires Maxxis® provide precise steering, optimize comfort and maximize available traction.

Independent Double Wishbone front suspension and rear
Independent double-wishbone suspension, with the 7.1 “of wheel travel front and 9.1” in the rear, providing excellent rider comfort even in the most difficult, thanks to the nitrogen-charged shocks.

Disc brakes front and Sealed Wet Rear Brake
Hydraulic front disc brakes serve up strong braking performance and consistent to gain confidence the rider, while the rear brakes are sealed are protected from dirt, rock and mud.

Long Range Fuel Tank
Optimized 4.76-gallon fuel tank is located under the seat for better mass centralization and handling.

Generous Land Distance
Yamaha Kodiak 700 EPS offers 10.8 inches of ground clearance and full-length composite skid plates to provide maximum abdomen protection for a variety of terrains.

Aggressive styling and Durable
Durable wrinkle-finish carry bar resisting scratching, while the injection-molded fenders protect against rocks and debris damage.

Compact, Chassis Comfortable
Kodiak 700 EPS has a compact and convenient chassis with fully independent suspension, exclusively designed 25-inch tires and Maxxis® wide arc A-arms provide optimal terrainability, comfort and handling.

Sharp Styling
styling 2018 Kodiak 700 EPS ‘has a bright halogen lamp, a convenient storage compartment and large-diameter front and rear rack with class-leading load capacity.