2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE Price

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2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE PriceYamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS special edition is heading, and what sets SE apart from the rest of the line is that it comes with matt pulling silver and black with yellow paint accents scheme, beadlock wheels, suntop and some other stuffs. Fit and finish is typical of Yamaha, so it will last long and should work well all the time.

Interior wise, Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS is fine, but can be a little tight for anyone over 6ft tall. The twin seats are quite comfortable and the three-point automotive style belt keeps the occupants in place, even though we want to see arenato 4 points. There is a “die pedal” for the driver and a central grip for the occupants. The LED Script provides all the relevant information and is easy to read. A large center console provides plenty of storage and even a drawer to store more things. Thanks to the rain and mud conditions we really need tear-offs, but are able to easily access the wadding of paper towels on the center console with one hand, even with gloves and low power. Only the secured lid drop closes.

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS SE Price
2018 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS SE

EPS is an electric power steering, and is available in EPS modelWolverine R‑SPEC EPS as well, but not in the base unit. It works well with good feel and response, turns out in 181 inches and does an easy SE drive even in harsh conditions. SE also comes with a rubber wheel model and fill the owner does not get.

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE Price

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE – Engine

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS with Engine 708 cc 4-stroke double cam has on top, fuel injected and uses 44 mm throttle body to let air. The air filter is below the center console and can be removed without a tool. Even with the high altitude found in Prescott, we found that the machine was aggressive and pushed the wolverine with a fun speed road around Gunsite. The Wolverine has a decent range thanks to the 9.7 gallon fuel tank.

Unlike the NEZ, Wolverine uses a CVT Ultramatic call transmission. It gives a sense of strength to good and fast soil and even allows engine braking to lower the hill or just slow down. A switch mounted on the dashboard provides a fast option of 2WD, 4WD or 4WD with differential blocked. Even with mud, we never need a closet, and wolverine works well when twisting through trees or slippery hills.

High tech DOHC engine
The Wolverine R-Spec EPS SE is equipped with 4 engine valve displacement (DOHC) 4 valves and fuel injection of 708 cc, optimizing torque, power and character engines to traverse even the most off road demanding terrain.

Yamaha is only CVT Ultramatic®
Automatic Ultramatic® high, low, reverse and neutral transmission provides the industry’s strongest CVT. One-way clutches produce the most natural braking engines of all wheels and eliminate “freewheeling” found in some competitive models. A centrifugal clutch maintains constant belt tension and eliminating slippage reduces belt wear and increases endurance.

On Command® four-wheel drive
On-Command® puts the driver in control of 2WD, 4WD or 4WD full dif rotating keys and easy to use mounted on board fit.

Intake system without tools without tools
The air intake optimizes the high volume properties of power for off-road situations and is placed under the hood to keep from the elements. Large foam air filters can be reused and accessible without tools.

Ease of intelligent service
Dental drainage, engine coolant and engine oil designed in full-length sliding plates, which make maintenance and service of Wolverine R-Spec EPS SE very convenient.

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE Price

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE – Chassis

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS Front independent and rear suspension based on double triangulations done well, thanks in part to the adjustable and overlapping KYB shock absorbers. A 9.7 inch wheel forward ride with 10.6 on the rear and our 26-inch Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 continues to move regardless of the terrain. Braking is done with wheel brake discs that work well with good feel and power.

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS SE Price
2018 Yamaha Wolverine R-SPEC EPS SE

The one thing we really liked was the skid plate that adorned the Wolverine. 11.4 inches from ground clearance, full length plates protected all over the Wolverine section and forearm each wrapping their own plates.

  • Chassis aggressive and agile
    The front and rear chassis-out-angle and taper approaches on the sides and bottom of the vehicle to reduce potential contacts in the narrow and rough terrain. With an 81 “wheelbase and 11.4” ground clearance, the R-Spec Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS is designed for best position in class and body design with top down provides maximum visibility drivers for navigating technical and challenging paths.
  • Enduring protection chassis
    The Wolverine R-Spec EPS SE chassis is more compact than Viking, and is optimized for conquering tight and difficult terrain. The complete sliding plate at the bottom of the class allows many slides over other retaining constraints – and scroll-plate scans more than two inches on each side to maximize free space on wheels.
  • Fully adjustable suspension
    Shock absorbers are fully adjustable KYB® with 9.7 “trip ahead and 10.6” rear shift gives excellent suspension and driver comfort while hitting the road. Adjustable compression damping adjustment includes setting preload speed Rebound high and low.
  • Chassis prepared for all terrain
    The wide arc front arms and full length sliding plates maximize durability and ability to move and provide ground clearance of 11.4 “.Fire under the rear wheel protects the trees and stones approaching.
  • High performance tires
    The exclusive Maxxis® Bighorn® 2.0 26 inch tire delivers optimum traction, durability, comfort and steering precision. Wolverine R-Spec 12-inch aluminum wheels, exclusive EPS, have heel plate closure for maximum durability of tires, especially in rough terrain.
  • power steering
    The proven power steering system 2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS offers excellent handling on all types of terrain, less steering effort to reduce fatigue after a long day in the field.
  • Safe and durable braking
    The front and rear brakes of large diameter discs provide unrivaled braking power with two pistons for excellent and predictable braking. Perforated rotors increase cooling and reduce noise, and that the parking brake is completely sealed, so it is protected from the elements and almost maintenance.
  • Trailer load capacity and heavy duty
    Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS with Resistant composite bed formed and designed to carry 300 pounds of gear, with a design that enables tailgate repositioning to handle loads of any size and split notch 1 “providing further flexibility.In bed there are six steel mooring hooks to secure the load standard, the weight of the receiver The two styles can tow an inch hitch up to 1500 pounds.


2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE Price

2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE going to be release in the country of  AustraliaUnited States, Europe, and Canada, The estimated price in each nation is different and the manufacturer’s suggested retail price

  • 2018 Yamaha Wolverine R‑SPEC EPS SE SILVER PEARL – $16,299