2018 Yamaha YFZ50 Review

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2018 Yamaha YFZ50 Review – Yamaha Motor Corp., USA, announced the 2018 line of ATV and Side-by-Side (SxS) vehicles, adding an all-new models, features, options and special editions on a range of industry leading products motorsports. Leading the 2018 announcement that the young model all-new Yamaha YFZ50.

Yamaha shocked the world of motor sport last year with the introduction of pure sport’s first Side-by-Side with a manual transmission, and the enthusiasm continues as we expand the category with YXZ1000R SS with paddle shifters and automatic clutch,” said Mike Martinez, vice president of Yamaha operation of ATV / junction.

2018 Yamaha YFZ50 Review
2018 Yamaha YFZ50

“From the all-new youth ATV for purely sporting performance, Yamaha ATV and SxS continues to lead the development of the model with the most innovative and reliable in the industry.”

2018 Yamaha YFZ50 – Engine Performance

Built in the style of Yamaha and standards, new electric-start engine mounts new Yamaha YFZ50 SOHC air-cooled 4-cycle 49.4cc with a continuously variable transmission (CVT) on the all-new lightweight chassis. 50ccclass engine combines acceleration feeling attractive, comfortable ride, and ease of use for new riders, plus integrated parental controls for added peace of mind during supervised riding. CVT transmission provides smooth and pleasant start acceleration feeling to help young riders develop their off-road capabilities.Other safety features include throttle limiter and switch tether that will kill the engine rider to fall.

What we liked most about YFZ50 is that it not only Raptor 90 with a smaller engine. We saw two Youth ATV, side-by-side and the size difference is striking. This machine is really geared for smaller riders and sized so that they can have control over it. It seems like an ideal way to get the kids started to rise.

“Off-roading is a family activity, and Yamaha are now providing riders 6 years and up the opportunity to be involved in YFZ50 sporty and reliable,” said Steve Nessl, Yamaha ATV / SxS group marketing manager. “The Yamaha YFZ50 allows parents to start mentoring their children in proper ATV riding techniques and safety habits, while introducing them to fun and exciting world of sport ATV.”

Machinery and Tether Limiter Switch
To help young novice ATV riders grow up to be achieved, the rpm limiter YFZ50 including two stages as well as the throttle limiter to limit the performance of the engine and adapted to advance the skill level of the rider. A tethered switch allows parents to monitor new riders and off power to the engine if needed as new riders learn the basics of ATV control.

Powerful 49cc engine
The 49cc four-stroke SOHC engine is tuned to develop excellent low-performance mid-range, just where it is needed. air-cooled motors for simplicity, performance and long life of the engine and uses ultra reliable wet-sump lubrication.

electric Starter
Electric push button start come standard, supported by a reliable sealed battery, and kick starter is provided for additional peace of mind.

automatic transmission
Fully automatic, continuously variable transmission (CVT) means no shifting. Useful for all motorists, it is a feature of the new riders will especially appreciate.

sporty drivetrain
Engine power is transferred to the rear wheels via a chain drive strong O-ring, walking along the swingarm is set at the optimum angle for rear shock performance.

Low Maintenance Design
Servicing is easy, thanks to features such as quick-access air filter element tool-less. spark arrestor muffler included standard as well.

2018 Yamaha YFZ50 – Suspensions

Yamaha YFZ50 Chassis combines the riding position is comfortable and roomy to allow young, developing fans to grow and adjust their riding posture and position, as well as affording years of enjoyment. Newly designed shocks provide superior handling and comfort, increase the fun and sporty ride performance.

2018 Yamaha YFZ50 Review
2018 Yamaha YFZ50

Parents can feel confident to introduce them 6 years to ATV ride with parental controls integrated into the machine, including adjustable RPM and throttle limiting, and tether a switch capable of turning off the engine of a pull-string if or when necessary.

Sporty Chassis
I single-arm front suspension is tuned for light, easy steering and a comfortable ride quality. Rear swingarm is also equipped with a compact single shock rear suspension for better control and comfort. And the whole package including the awesome sport ATV YFZ derived styling.

Comfortable Accommodations
The YFZ50 designed to be convenient and accessible to new ATV riders. With ergonomics roomy, luxurious chairs and wooden floors wide, riders 6 and up will not fix the machine before they are ready to transfer more when they are older.

Ban optimized
Duro® low-profile tires, front AT16 and AT16 x 6.5-7 x 7-7 behind, giving the appearance 2018 YFZ50 aggressive and sporty handling.

Safe Stopping Power
For reliable stopping power, three enclosed drum brakes bring 2018 Yamaha YFZ50 to stop safely. There is a handlebar-mounted parking brake, too.

2018 Yamaha YFZ50 – Features

Beginner-Friendly Four-Stroke Performance
The new Yamaha YFZ50 engineered as an ideal starting point for candidates for ATV riders aged 6 and above, with low maintenance 49cc engine is tuned to develop responsive, controllable performance. The combination of the engine limiter and power cut-off switch makes it easy to tether allows young riders to adapt to the ATV as their skills grow.

Reduce Maintenance Design
Servicing is simple, too, thanks to features such as quick-access air filter element tool-less.

Scaled Down, Not Scaled Back
I single-arm front suspension is tuned for light, easy steering and a comfortable ride quality. Rear swingarm is also equipped with a compact single shock for good control and comfort. It also offers convenient features such as an automatic CVT transmission and electric start with kickstart back-up.

chassis comfortable
A robust steel frame design incorporates a large tank of 1.5 gallons of fuel, luxury seats and integrated wooden floor airy.

Yamaha Sport ATV DNA
For a sporty appearance and handling, Yamaha YFZ50 Duro® durable tires on wheels light, with styling inspired by one more race-ready YFZ450R ™.